Presenting Cleantech Companies / Introductions



Air0 Ltd. is concentrating on offering extreme indoor air purification. This means that besides offering extremely clean air, smAIRt purifiers provide extremely high air flow which means fast plug&play purification even for big spaces. Because of patent pending technology, this can be done with competitive lifetime costs. Besides this smAIRt purifiers are the world’s only design purifiers. To guarantee extreme satisfaction, the customers can customize the wooden covers as they prefer. All this comes with a mobile user interface, so that controlling the purification, and your air, is extremely easy.



Core businesses: Desulfurization and denitrification, waste heat recovery, bag-type dust removal, steam generators, energy-saving coal bucket, and etc. Dedicated to energy saving, boiler (from all boiler manufacturers, smoking and gas escaping environmental treatment and energy saving project ) and furnace waste heat recovery, exhaust dust purification and desulfurization and denitrification in the industries, such as, power, metallurgical & chemical, textile printing and dyeing, papermaking, food, pharmaceutical, electronic and electrical appliances, agriculture, and etc., and full implementation of energy management contract (EMC) energy-saving projects.

Highlight: 1) The leading domestic package solutions and equipment supplier in the field of energy saving and environmental protection of industrial flue gas, and one of the earlier domestic manufacturers to carry out energy-saving and environmental protection. 2) High-tech enterprise with 12 years of brand history, and one of top 100 enterprises in China in the energy conservation and environmental protection industry3) Possessing 6 invention patents and 20 utility model patents



Core Businesses: Sewage treatment and wastewater recycling environment development and application.

Highlight: : The company has a mature business and been listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange Center.



Cityntel has developed revolutionary new generation context aware street light control based on next generation self configuring wireless flat mesh network and Mist computing technologies.

Instead of just remote control, like existing solutions, we have embedded intelligence into each street light making them situation and context aware and to be able to adapt streetlight brightness based on actual situation and need.



Cleanergy is the world’s leading provider of Stirling based climate friendly energy solutions. Cleanergy’s Stirling engine has a history of more than 20 years, with accumulated 2.5   million hours of operation. Cleanergy aims to set up large scale installations utilizing its dish/Stirling technology in China and has for that purpose set up two demo projects in Ordos, Inner Mongolia and Dubai. Both demo projects are commissioned. Extensive operation and testing at these two plants, as well astests conducted by Sandia Labs in the U.S. and CNRS in France, proves the excellent performance of Cleanergy’s Stirling CSP unit.


Cloud Charge

Core Businesses: New energy vehicles charging service projects, integrating the R&D, production and marketing of new energy, vehicles intelligent charge piles. Based on its intelligent charging piles, Evchar will build a new energy vehicles intelligent charging platform, through which convenient functions can be achieved, such as destination charging pile inquiries, booking, charging, paymen and etc.

Highlight: winner of Gold Award for Innovation awarded by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, and also one of key elements of Smart City Construction



Enersize Ltd. is a technology company specialized in comprehensive energy saving solutions for process industry, equipment and systems – a business environment, where Enersize’s know-how in complete processes and energy efficiency improvement potential originated. The company has developed an industrial energy saving concept, which includes measuring, monitoring and control     software. With this solution and expertise industrial producers can reduce their energy use at least 30 %. Enersize’s customers are primarily in China and Europe. Main branches are chemical, pulp and paper, energy and metal,        among other process industries.



Core businesses: R&D of technology and products in the fields, such as, industrial wastewater treatment and reuse, air purification, industrial waste gas treatment, and etc.

Highlight: 1)With many years of technology accumulation in the field of environmental protection, the entrepreneurial team has successfully developed a series of environmentally friendly products, including cutting waste liquid purification and reuse equipment, cabin air purification equipment, and etc. 2) The entrepreneurial team has made a series of major breakthroughs in its managed projects, such as, municipal wastewater treatment and reuse technology demonstration project, deep purification system of waste water-based drilling fluids for offshore platform, Shanghai World Expo underground space air detection and purification system, and etc. 3)The ballast water treatment equipment for ocean-going ships developed by the entrepreneurial team has passed the final certification of IMO. Currently, the technological transformation been successfully completed.



Core businesses: IOT & intelligent hardware products. Specialized in the R&D, production and marketing of Power Line. Communication (PLC) Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), applied technology products and energy Internet big data.

Highlight: Its products tally with the theme “Smart City” of this summit.



Lifa Smart Monitoring system ensures that the Indoor Air Quality stays at desired level at all times. Accurate sensors and intelligent programs enable to calculate real time filters lifespan based on gases and particle loading, thus filters will be changed only then when it needed. Our solutions can be integrated in ventilation system like in air ducts and air handling units, or use as a standalone units installed in walls and ceilings or mobile on floors. Lifa Air provides smart, stylish and healthy living conditions for occupants in all kinds of buildings.


Nuuka Solutions

Nuuka Solutions is a software company, which develops building process analytics platform to improve energy efficiency, indoor air condition, sustainability and maintenance processes.



Core businesses: A solar track system based on Macro Line Transmission

Highlight: Products can be used to maintain system stable operation in operating conditions and worst-case scenarios, thus saving substantial investment (raw materials, mechanical and electrical, and high-priced components, such as, controllers and sensors, and etc). Its cost is very low, suitable for industrial development.



Tespack is the first company focusing in providing a complete mobile energy experience by combining generation of energy on-the-go, latest technology and renewables. We entered the market with our first product line, patented Solar Smartpacks, the most efficient, durable and lightest mobile energy solution and our customers currently include the United Nations and Vodafone among others. Now, we are working on a revolutionary ultra-fast charging technology; charge 5000mAh power bank in 12min rather than in 4-5 hours. And we have first prototype ready and more than 3 patents-pending.



Watersprint is an innovative Swedish company that is at the forefront of water cleaning, both from a technical and an environmental perspective. The company has expertise in water, health, nanotechnology, IT and telecoms. We develop and create products for a sustainable society, this is done in an environmentally and energy efficient way. Our products are connected via WiFi to our operating system WSS (Water Sprint System). Via our customized web interface customers can manage and monitor their installed devices.

The use of UV LEDs with nanotechnology are custom made by Watersprint for the disinfection of bacteria, viruses and protozoa. This is a development based on the blue LED technology, which in 2014 received the Nobel Prize in Physics. The new technology enables entirely new and groundbreaking products for water treatment.



Core businesses: Yashentech Corporation is a material and process technology provider and developer based in Shanghai, China. The focus is on the development of new materials and advanced process technologies for clean energy and environmental sustainable chemicals. Yashentech has successfully developed and commercialized a series of products including Compact Fischer Tropsch Synthesis Technology, Dimethyl Carbonate Production Technology and Sootless Diesel Technology.

Highlight: Yashentech’s unique high-throughput research and development technology (HTR&D), significantly improves the efficiency of R&D, and accelerates the transformation of laboratory concepts to industrial processes.



Core Businesses:  Focusing on the R&D of the toilet technologies. Devoting to act as Chinese first toilet service provider with modern technologies. Making the easy outdoor toilet relaxation available for the citizens.

Highlight: Based on wastewater treatment technology, its business model is relatively new, with a certain level of disruptiveness and innovativeness.