Presenting Cleantech Companies 2017 / Introductions



Organoclay is ready to lead the way to sustainable paints! It is a new type of mineral material, which is non-toxic, zero VOC, non-allergic, low CO2 and decreases the speed of biodegradation for the paint – paint lasts longer, humans stay healthier and no toxins are added to the environment. Organoclay can outplay its competitors, since no more toxic biocides and heavy metals in paint and building materials are needed! Today Organoclay is used by paint product manufacturers to extend the product lifetime.

ALINA is in a search of strategic investor. A series investment is planned for the 3 rd. Q of year 2018, in amount of 1,5m EUR. Investment is planned in business scaling, including establishment of outsourced production process, product marketing and sales in Europe and outside.




A thin lighting patch with a recyclability match can be your next investment catch! LunaLEC’s light sources are ideal for functional lighting, such as MedTech devices for treatment, and in other printed electronics applications. The patches are small – in sizes ranging from 2 mm x 5 mm to 20 cm x 30 cm -, and can be tailored to specific wavelengths and effect requirements. Their manufacturing requires less energy. The patches can be driven by low voltage DC, typically 36V. They can be made without metals, which allows their recycling like plastics when disposed.

Funding – LunaLEC intends to raise € 600k equity funding for the period through 2018, and an additional € 2 million in late 2018 for the period until end of 2020. Industrial partners – Printed Electronics producers who want to assist in industrialization of the LEC manufacturing process.



Greater Than

Greater Than is disrupting the auto insurance world, because people should not  pay for anything they don’t use. That’s why they offer a pay as you drive model with individualised premiums per km. The company has invented a new approach to analyze Big Data. With this technology, they attain essential insight into drivers’ performance in relation to accident ratio. Real-time assessment gives each driver a unique and justly priced insurance – allowing the modern consumer to share the cost of risk with like-minded drivers and pay only for actual usage. Interested in meeting Chinese actors within the insurance industry.




We are looking at strategic cooperation partners. Possible interaction partners are energy and electrical maintenance companies providing street light management service. We are looking at the possibilities for pilot installation with such enterprises to show the feasibility of Lumoflex for the end customers. We are also looking at possible other cooperation partners for our product resale; these include LED street light manufacturers and distributors and street light installation companies.

By the end of 2017, we will reach break-even and have finalized Out-of-the-Box product portfolio. In the first half, we will decide next target markets, run production to prepare our hardware stock, develop marketing and sales materials and plan. Then, in Q3 2018 we will raise an investment round to carry out the Plan and achieve our growth targets.



Moving Floor

Moving Floor provides a cleantech solution for the agricultural sector. The Moving Floor Concept is a Swedish patented system of self-cleaning floors for sustainable agriculture. The self-cleaning floors clean out for cows and pigs automatically and provide a clean and hygienic environment for the animals that keeps them healthy which reduces the use of antibiotics, save water and improves food safety. The Moving Floor system helps reduce the energy consumption on the farm and at the same time contributes to a more efficient production of renewable energy on the farm, e.g. biogas. Moving Floor know there is a great need for its technology in China and Chinese Ministry of Agriculture has appointed Moving Floor as one of their recommended green technologies for farmers.

Moving Floor is looking for an investment partner for its planned joint venture in China. It can either be a strategic, industrial or private investor. Moving Floor will raise for A-round approx. 30-40 M RMB to its Moving Floor Dairy JV and 60-70 M RMB for its Moving Floor Pig JV.




TXG is developing and marketing a game changing hybrid bogie kit, branded TXG EcoBogie, for use in the railway sector. Target customers are cargo operators and in phase two, passenger transportation operators. The kit can be retrofitted on all existing non powered bogies and will reduce power consumption substantially but also improve capacity and provide instant increased revenue. It is also the single most effective emission-reducing product on the railway market.

TXG EcoBogie AB is looking for capital and active co owners and TXG is open to different solutions. Basically the negotiation table is blank. In a later stage we would also market and sell this product in China. The partner must be able to also be a partner when the business gets global and big. TXG is initially looking for MUSD 5. This investment will exclusively go to fulfil and deliver the EcoBogies in the first and the second contract. For this TXG will offer shares of the company.




Waterix®, a product brand of W-Rix Ltd, develops and manufactures devices for the treatment of municipal and industrial sewage and process water cooling with an eye on the eco-friendliness of the products.

Waterix® key products are AIRIT® surface aerators, MIXIT® mixers, DENIT combination devices and COOLIT® coolers. The efficiency of the models has been proven in industrial and municipal sewage treatment plants in a number of countries. In addition, the COOLIT® coolers have replaced old-fashioned cooling towers in cooling of process waters in many cases. Also important market segments for smaller device are the aeration of natural waters, fish farms, as well as gold course ponds.




PowerCell Sweden AB is the leading fuel cell company in the Nordics, which develops and produces environmental-friendly fuel cell power solutions for stationary and mobile customer applications. PowerCell has developed a modular system of fuel cell platforms producing electricity from hydrogen with only heat and water as emissions.

The fuel cells are designed to handle pure hydrogen as well as the hydrogen reformed from e.g. biogas, natural gas, biodiesel or standard low-sulphur diesel. Our aim is to provide unique fuel cell power solutions that allow our customers to utilise the existing fuel infrastructures without further damage to the environment. We believe that our system truly bridges the gap between the infrastructure of today and that of tomorrow, by using tomorrow’s technology within today’s reality.




SenSiC AB is a producer of new gas sensors for extreme temperature applications (175-600 0C) with exceptional sensitivity/resolution at very low gas concentrations. The sensors are used to control combustion and reduce emissions in woody biomass heaters/boilers, district heating plants, diesel engines, and exhaust after-treatment systems.

Improvements in combustion efficiency and emission reduction result from the sensors’ ability to measure not only oxygen (O2), as lambda sensors do, but also carbon monoxide (CO) and ammonia (NH3). Despite the greater capabilities of SenSiC sensors, their cost is similar to that of an ordinary, low cost lambda sensor. In addition, the sensor Control Unit offers remote control and supervision, as well as automated calibration.

These sensors are selective and robust. There are many applications. SenSiC’s focus is
– Automotive (NH3 , NOX and O2 for SCR and EGR)  Cars and trucks
– Off-Roads (NH3, NOX for SCR)
– Maritime (NH3, NOX for SCR)
– Heat and Combustions (CO, O2, NOX, NH3) for Steel Industry, smaller power plants, wood boilers.

Today we are in a testing phase with a few partners. We are searching for USD 3 M to scale up.



Cloud Charge

Cloud Charge offers new energy vehicles charging service projects integrating the R&D, production and marketing of new energy vehicles intelligent charging piles. Based on its intelligent charging piles, Evchar will build a new energy vehicles intelligent charging platform, through which convenient functions can be achieved, such as destination charging pile inquiries, booking, charging, payment, and etc. We aim to be “Uber” of charging pile.

The Company is the winner of Gold Award for Innovation awarded by  Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, and also one of key elements of Smart City Construction.



Inbestech is a high-tech enterprise which provides communication technology and intelligent hardware for the IoT. The core team has more than 10 years experience in developing power line communication chip and intelligent hardware. Inbestech has developed a long-term strategic development goals in the field of IoT and energy internet.

Inbestech products used in Electrical fire Monitoring, Smart Hotel, intelligent building, smart grid, photovoltaic and smart home. In 2017, the company’s A180 series was deployed in more than 3000 rooms in the Hampton Hotels.



Shanghai Sipooo New Energy Technology Co.Ltd was founded in April 2015. The company is committed to the development of solar tracking technology. The founder of the company has already researched fundamental mechanical and electrical technology and solar tracking for 10 years before the establishment of the company. We make a great breakthrough of basic innovation in electromechanical field, including passive flexible driver and multi-point flexible slewing.

Using the technology above, we rebuilt the solar tracking system completely in structure, transmission and control to make the cost of the system lower and the performance higher dramatically. At the economic results, we increase the power station’s annual income by more than 20% while the traditional tracking system just 10% (no more than 5% in our country and 8% in the USA). At the same time, we improve the system stability, wind resistance, environmental adaptability and system intelligent degree greatly.



Shanghai Rev.First new Energy Technology Co.,LTD, for 5 years, has developed a new type of guide pulley slotting equipment used in semiconductor and photovoltaic industry.This equipment has high processing efficiency, low cost and high stability of customers. It is expected to produce 11 billion yuan profit per year for the industry.

The domestic and international technical novelty retrieval was carried out in the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2013, 2015 and 2017, and the report showed that the slotting technology is now in the international leading position. In 2015, Rev.First won the national high-tech enterprises, which belong 2014 and 2017 the Shanghai and Pudong Ministry of science and technology innovation fund of enterprise. At present, the company is ready to introduce investment, increase equipment, and mass production.




Shanghai Towin is market leader of UV solution products for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. Our well-known Toshiba low & medium pressure UV lamp, Towin power supply, Grease Duct processor, revolutionary CM Fixture UV sterilizer, and other high performance Sterlink sterilizer product line provide innovative UV treatment solutions and exceptional value to our customers in a range of markets. Towin products are used to solve application problems in the waste water, drinking water, hospital, hotel, restaurant Kitchen, science lab, and other industries.

With over several decades of industry experience, an impressive international client portfolio and range of successful case studies, Toshiba UV Technology are leading the way in the rapidly growing Ultraviolet market in Asia. With industry regulations becoming more strict and stringent, increasing governmental and media interest and the growing threat of chemically resistant micro-organisms such as Cryptosporidium, it is important to choose a company who you can trust. With state-of-the-art technology, and a wealth of experience in the Ultraviolet industry, Shanghai Towin with supporting of Toshiba UV Technology are leading the way in the custom design of Ultraviolet technology systems that fully meet the dose and testing requirements, providing effective and cost efficient solutions for a range of industry applications.