24 October 2019


Lund, Sweden



About the event /

The Advanced Materials Day will be an event focusing entirely on innovative and sustainable materials. We invite materials companies to Lund to pitch their newest solutions and welcome international investors as well as local materials professionals from industry and academia.

Lund is quickly becoming an interesting hub for materials research, especially now that the MAX IV facility offers the highest quality of X-rays available to scientists from academia and industry in the whole world. So nowhere better to host an event focusing on materials than there! Around 100 materials experts, researchers, innovators and investors will have the chance to exchange knowledge and contacts for a whole day.

Hosts /

Partner /

Sponsors /

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Speakers & Panelists / more to come

Peter Kisch

Future by Lund

Mats Qvarford

Tetra Pak

Gëzim Kiseri

Invest in Skåne

Edward Hall


Jacinto Sá

Peafowl Solar Power

Maksym Plakhotnyuk

Atlant 3D Nanosystems

Peter Vanlaeke

Solvay Ventures

Baozhong Zhang

Centre for Analysis and Synthesis, Lund University

Joost Waeterloos

Dow Chemical Company

Maria Messing

Nano Lund

Per Ericsson

Environmental Technologies Fund

Karin Ebbinghaus

Almi Invest

Adam Dahlquist


Magnus Agerström

Cleantech Scandinavia

Per Levin

GAIA Biomaterials

Mikael Hannus

Stora Enso

Tim Nordh


Jens Busse

Evonik Venture Capital

Peter Kollert


Carl Malm


Eric Zhang

Biofiber Tech

Event Programme /

Advanced Materials Day

08.30 – 09.00

09.00 – 09.15


09.15 – 09.25

Registration, breakfast & networking 

Welcoming Words

Magnus Agerström, Cleantech Scandinavia & Carl Malm, Materials Business Center

Keynote: Investing in materials with an impact

Karin Ebbinghaus, Almi Invest

Focus area 1: ENERGY & MOBILITY 

09.25 – 09.35


09.35 – 09.45


09.45 – 10.20





10.20 – 10.55

Keynote: Advanced Materials research in Lund

Maria Messing, Nano Lund

Keynote: Investing in batteries for EVs

Peter Vanlaeke, Solvay Ventures

Company pitches & panel discussion

Panelists: Per Ericsson (Environmental Technologies Fund), Adam Dahlquist (InnoEnergy)

Companies:Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-14 um 11.56.00

Coffee & Networking break


10.55 – 11.05


11.05 – 11.15


11.15 – 11.25


11.25 – 12.00





Keynote: From 0 to 100 – Successful building an advanced material company

Jens Busse, Evonik

Keynote: Renew & Recycle

Raffaele Giovinazzi, IKEA

Keynote: Circularity of a plastic value chain

Joost Waeterloos, Dow Chemical Company

Company pitches & panel discussion

Panelists: Karin Ebbinghaus (Almi Invest), Peter Vanlaeke (Solvay Ventures), Joost Waeterloos (Dow Chemical Company)

Companies:Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-14 um 12.03.27

12.00 – 13.10

13.10 – 13.20



Lunch & networking break

Keynote: Materials Community in Lund

Gëzim Kiseri, Invest in Skåne & Peter Kisch, Future by Lund

& Magnus Agerström, Cleantech Scandinavia



13.20 – 13.30


13.30 – 13.40


13.40 – 13.50


13.50 – 14.25





14.25 – 14.40

Keynote: Sustainable Plastics and Transition Pathways

Baozhong Zhang, Centre for Analysis and Synthesis, Lund University

Keynote: Many opportunities – few hurdles in the forest

Mikael Hannus, Stora Enso

Keynote: The future carton package

Mats Qvarford, Tetra Pak

Company pitches & panel discussion

Panelists: Wouter Van de Putte (Capricorn), Jens Busse (Evonik)

Companies:Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-14 um 12.08.33

Coffee & Networking break


Working sessions & one-on-one meetings

14.40 – 16.30

Scheduled meetings between investors and start-ups                                    

14.40 – 16.00

Workshop on Open Innovation (all interested participants are invited to join!)

Registration /

Have you received an invitation to join us? Please register here to save a spot!

Have you not been invited but would like to participate? Please send us an email and let us know why you are interested in this event!

Venue /

Hotel / Recommendations

Elite Hotel Ideon

Scheelevägen 27

223 63 Lund, Sweden

Elite Hotel Ideon (0 km from venue)

Grand Hotel (3 km from venue)

Hotel Lundia (3 km from venue)

Presenting companies /


Peafowl SolarPower is a spin-off from Uppsala university, Sweden, that developed a new kind of groundbreaking plasmonic solar cell technology suitable for outdoor and indoor usages, which does not require compromise between functionality and aesthetics. Peafowl’s nearly invisible solar cell can be seamlessly integrated into glass and produces sufficient energy to power smart glass and internet of things (IoTs) sensors. Installation is as simple as replacing a regular glass and is suitable for new build and retrofitting.Peafowl’s solution helps you save on your energy and maintenance bills, increase your property value, decrease your building environmental impact and improve your living space. 


Altris make competitive green batteries. By using a sodium chemistry instead of lithium Altris have eliminated the need for cobalt or lithium and produces batteries completely from sustainable and readily available sources. Utilizing current lithium battery infrastructure Altris can build sodium batteries without investing in large factories.


Swestep provides a sustainable solution to the global waste challenges and fora fossil-free economy. The Swestep patented technology mimics nature in a catalytic conversion process that recycles hydrocarbon based residues / waste, both organic and plastic, into renewable fuels and other oil based products. This groundbreaking technology is both economically and environmentally viable. After years of feasibility studies, testsruns and research and development in both Sweden and internationally, Swestep is now in a roll-out phase. Swestep – The next step.


ATLANT 3D Nanosystems is nanotechnology based company that develops absolutely new type 3D printing technology for rapid prototyping of micro and nanodevices with more than 450 different materials. We believe that micro and nanodevices can be fabricated much faster, easier, cheaper and customized to speedup global high tech innovation at atomic scale. We help our customers accelerate their R&D at micro and nanoscale, enable engineering creativity without risks and previous challenges, open new horizons for new applications.

Prebona Logo

Prebona AB is a material technology company. We develop, produce and market high performance products and solutions, including unique odor eliminating substances, dirt repellent materials and surface protecting technology. Additionally, we have upcoming products for infection control(disinfectants) and antimicrobial systems.

Cyclicor Logo

Cyclicor’s technology is focused on the biobased production of BPA-free polycarbonate and isocyanate-free polyurethane from cyclic carbonates, which are unique building blocks. The core technology has been patented in Europe, USA, China, South Korea and Japan. We have verified the molding and 3D-printing of these safer materials and demonstrated high biocompatibility in the cell viability tests. Cyclicor looks for funding and partners.


Biofiber Tech has developed unique cutting edge proprietary technology to enable using wood fibers to replace fossil based plastics. Through our technology, the wood fibers are modified to be more “plastic like” and therefor easier to mix and disperse with conventional- or biomaterial based plastics to create biogranulate. This solves several challenges that conventional wood fiber based composite material have today. We license this technology to wood fiber producers and partner with compounders and brand-owners for trialing of the material.


GAIA BioMaterials: Our patented Biodolomer is an Advanced Biomaterial within the Clean Tech space. Biodolomer replaces fossil based plastics and so called Green PE, is fully degradable and compostable and cuts CO2 immediately by 80%. Gaia Biomaterials AB engage strategically in the solution design with the highest level of the value chain, then implement the solution with existing product sources. The company is at the beginning of an explosive growth cycle.

Bioextrax Logo

Bioextrax develops a platform technology for turning waste into value using microbes. It is an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient method producing a number of materials which can replace fossil-based plastics, while producing side-streams in the form of sustainable protein sources.