18 September 2019


Boston, USA



About the event /

Cleantech Showcase Day – Boston 2019 is coming soon!

The Nordics and The Netherlands produce top quality innovations each year and investments are currently going through the roof! Cleantech Scandinavia and Innovation Quarter bring you some of the top companies with an interest to grow in North America.

This is a great opportunity to network and find potential investment and commercialization opportunities. We will provide a mix of individual meetings, pitching opportunities, company visits, interesting key notes and much more. Don’t miss this opportunity to get closer to some of the most innovative regions in the world!

Pre-Event /

The Workshop Building Climate Neutral Cities – An International outlook in the morning of 18th of September will promote a discussion between cities, city-related organizations, universities and companies about the application of smart and sustainable solutions in the Boston Area. Registrations are now open. Visit the page.

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Speakers / Panelist

Michael Lake

President and CEO, Leading Cities

Susanne Rasmussen

Director of Environmental and Transportation Planning, City of Cambridge, MA

Earl Jones

Partner at Liberation Capital

Per Persson

Chairman of the steering committee & Business Manager Lunds Kommun

Kristian Bodek

Director Corporate Venture Capital, National Grid Partners

Joseph A. Curtatone

Mayor of Somerville, MA, USA

Mark Shu

Innovation Director, Danfoss

Mark Barmasse

Arcadis’ Director of Energy Services

Stanley Sakai

CEO, EMS Capital Management

Sven Harmsen

Director of External Ventures at Saint-Gobain NOVA

Natalia Ruiz Saez

Investment Manager at Repsol Corporate Venturing

Anne de Vries

Associate partner for Internationalisation

Jan-Hein Lakeman

Executive Managing Director of EDGE Technologies USA

Benjamin E. Gaddy

CTO, Director of Investment at Clean Energy Trust

Dan Doble

Senior Technology Manager at SABIC Ventures

Bernard Lupien

General Partner, Rhapsody VP

Jeffrey Clark

Managing Partner at Energy Innovation Capital

Dr. Sarah Slaughter

Founder and CEO/President, Built Environment Coalition

Dr. Val Livada

Advisor at MassRobotics, CEN founder, Lecturer at MIT Sloan Management School

Mark Vasu

Executive Vice President, Greentown Labs

Luca Seletto

Head of Innovation Hub Boston, Enel

Ariel Horowitz

Director of Technology Development at MassCEC

Magnus Agerström

Chairman of the Board, Cleantech Scandinavia

Host / Co-Hosts

Partners / Sponsors

Event Programme /

Cleantech Showcase - Boston - 18 September 2019

11.30 – 11.45     

Introduction by Organizing Partners

– Magnus Agerström, Managing Director, Cleantech Scandinavia

– Anne de Vries, Project Manager, Innovation Quarter

– Mark Vasu, Excecutive Vice President, Greentown Labs

11.45– 12.00

Building Climate and Energy Solutions in the Massachusetts Innovation Economy

Keynote speaker: Ariel Horowitz

Director of Technology Development, MassCEC

12.00 – 12.10

Innovation, Industrial Dynamics and Structural Transformation in Boston

Keynote speaker: Dr. Val Livada

Advisor at MassRobotics, CEN Founder, Lecturer and Associate at MIT Materials Research Lab & MIT Sloan Management, School

12.10 – 12.50

Company Presentations

– Niklas Winter, CEO, Swedish Neutral

– Maria Malm Skarin, Senior Innovation Manager, Ectogrid

– Brian Schmitt, Project Development Manager, MetroPolder

– Renee Wansdronk, Architect, Wansdronk Architecten BV

Panel of Cleantech experts and investors

– Sven Harmsen, Director of External Ventures, Saint-Gobain NOVA

– Bernhard Lupien, General Partner, Rhapsody VP

– Luca Seletto, Head of Innovation Hub Boston, Enel

12.50 – 13.40

Networking Lunch

13.40 – 14.00

US Sustainable energy development and Corporate VC engagement

Keynote speaker: Kristian Bodek

Director Corporate Venture Capital, National Grid Partners

14.00 – 14.15

First Steps in Corporate Innovation in Cambridge

Keynote speaker: Mark Shu

Innovation Director, Danfoss

14.15 – 15.10

Company Presentations

– Oliver Moorhouse, President, Brainlit

– Dan Zethraeus, CEO, Elonroad

– Mats Didriksson, CEO, Dlaboratory

– Philippe Pepin, CEO, TeraLoop

– Roeland van Delden, CEO, Leadax

Panel of Cleantech experts and investors

– Benjamin E. Gaddy, Director of Investments, CTO at Clean Energy Trust 

– Earl Jones, Partner at Liberation Capital

– Stanley Sakai, CEO of EMS Capital Management

15.10 – 15.45

Networking & Coffee

15.45 – 16.00

Investment landscape in the sector in US vs. EU

Keynote speaker: Jan-Hein Lakeman

Executive Managing Director USA at EDGE Technologies

16.00 16.50  

Company Presentations

– Mathias Hökfelt, Managing Partner, Unimi

– Ruud van den Bosch, Technical Sales Manager, Ecovat

– Remi Lóren, Sales & Business Development, Marketing, Ekolution

– Marco Betting, Director Business Development, HyET Solar

Panel of Cleantech Experts and Investors

– Natalia Ruiz Saez – Investment Manager at Repsol Corporate Venturing

– Dan Doble, Senior technology manager, SABIC Ventures

– Jeffrey Clark, Managing Partner at Energy Innovation Capital


Networking Reception

Venue / Venue / Greentown Labs – 18 September 2019

Greentown Labs
444 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA 02143, EUA

Hotel / Recommendations

Porter Square Hotel 
1924 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140

Telephone (617) 499-3399Toll Free 1 (888) 229-1615

Presenting companies /

Swedish Neutral has developed and patented the “Ground Fault Neutralizer” (GFN), which finally allows to secure economical, condition-based maintenance of a power grid. GFN hardens, secures and manages the grid not only preventing future wild fires, but allows utilities with the ability to eliminate the danger of fault lines, showing where the network weakness is in real time and with great precision allowing for faster maintenance and network recovery with 50% fewer outages. In fact, the GFN is the only system powerful enough to prevent fires caused by power lines. Other measures create other risks or are costlier and have longer implementation times. Fires caused by power lines have caused many fatalities and enormous financial losses as well as huge release of C02. Most of those losses could be avoided with the GFN implemented in the power system.

Extensive testing done in Victoria, Australia indicated that the GFN reduces the risk of fires caused by power lines by at least 10 times.

Teraloop is a grid-scale energy storage system that can provide a future alternative to batteries. Their patented flywheel system is a highly scalable, sustainable and location-agnostic grid-scale energy storage system. The system which can be installed anywhere and can operate underground, is suitable for a range of applications including micro grid use, voltage support, frequency regulation, peak shavings, spinning reserve, load following, arbitrage, transmission & distribution (T&D) upgrade deferral and congestion relief. It will provide an effective solution to many medium to large scale storage applications whilst also helping to reduce the problems of grid congestion and volatility arising from high levels of variable renewable sources in the energy mix.

BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting™ environments reproduce the natural light that we would be exposed to when outdoors on an optimal day. In our healthy light environments, both wellbeing and efficiency increases. We focus on the four necessary dimensions of Intensity, Direction, Length, and Time to provide true circadian lighting, sustaining the natural rhythm of life. BrainLit’s light environments are under constant development and are created in cooperation with our scientific advisory board. This allows our systems to align with the latest technological and medicinal research. Updated research in light is continually integrated into our BioCentric Lighting™  systems, allowing BrainLit to become a world leader in light environment solutions for human wellbeing.

Founded in 2015, we are a forward-thinking team that creates smart data validation and design automation solutions because we believe the building design process needs to be simplified and optimized. Our clients play an active role in tailoring the features of our solution. Hand in hand, we work hard on enriching design solutions for AEC professionals.

The Polder of the City: Cities are growing and the climate is changing. With this comes heavy precipitation, extreme heat,  prolonged drought, and less urban space for solutions. The MetroPolder company revives cities through smart water management, leveraging stored rainwater for cooling, growing, and fostering nature within the city. MetroPolder is a leader in advising, developing, and maintaining smart water storage in cities.


Developed an electric road and a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles which charges electric vehicles both when parked and while driving with an effect of up to 150kW. A pickup under the vehicle connects to a conductive rail laid on top of the road, which only becomes active when a vehicle is on top, making it safe in a city environment. 

DLaboratory offers a unique concept for digitalizing the primary substation that provides a safe, secure and cost-effective electricity supply. The concept consists of four parts; high quality recording of incidents/disturbances in the grid, where the smallest deviation is registered. Unique patented automatic analysis in the cloud of all disturbances/incidents in the power grid with a patented method. Immediate presentation of analysis results in a graphical web interface that enables the customer to fix beginning faults before an interruption occurs. Finally a correct and safe fault disconnection, including complex intermittent ground faults. The dLaboratory solution can be applied at all primary sub stations in the power grid. The system gives the energy company less down time, lower costs for operation and maintenance, a safer power grid and more satisfied customers. One pro-active avoidance of an interruption will pay back the system costs. The target customers are the energy companies that owns a distribution power grid, DSO:s. Swedish patent is granted for relay protection algorithms and European patent is applied.

Wansdronk develops a solar energy, zero-emission and material saving building concept Emporium. A warm water storage container and heat collectors provide the space heating and hot water supply, and a cold water storage container and cool collectors deliver the space cooling and cooling source for the refrigerator. The water circulates without pumps; instead it uses thermosiphon, and therefore requires no high-grade energy such as electricity or fuel. The Emporium concept is characterized as a seasonal heat storage with the smallest exergy loss (low-exergy), and without any energy loss. In this case exergy (applicability or quality of energy) stands for the temperatures which are used in the Emporium system, and which are as close as possible to the demand temperatures (20 °C indoor and 45 °C shower).

Leadax Innovations is developing and manufacturing circular building & industrial materials from a stream of waste. We create materials with a future, not materials of the future. Therefor we combine groundbreaking R & D with a solid business model and a strong emphasis on sales. In our vision, innovation has to be profitable to be sustainable. Our products are used for flashing and waterproofing such as lead replacements and roofing. It started in 2017 as a result of R & D of the Dutch parent firm Bitufa. Bitufa is a manufacturer of bituminous waterproofing solutions with clients around the globe.

Unimi Solutions manufactures a universal and patented precast concrete foundation for EV charger installations. The Unimi-1base precast foundation can anchor any EV charging station on the market and enables a future proof and effective large scale roll out of EV charging infrastructure. By minimizing the need of additional future ground work, EV infrastructure stakeholders may save more than 50% of their TCO compared to traditional installation methods. Unimi Solutions was founded in 2010 and the Unimi-1base has been used in over 4000 unique EV charger installations in 15 countries.

Built on decades of experience in designing and operating energy systems in several countries, ectogrid™ is a disruptive energy system invention by E.ON. E.ON is one of Europe’s largest utility companies operating in  30+ countries  and serving more than 33 million customers. ectogrid™ is a zero-emission, decentralized heat pump based energy system to smartly supply various energy demands with minimum energy production and environmental impact.  It is the world’s first energy system connecting both heating and cooling thermal flows, from a small scale, such as between few buildings to a large scale in a city quarter. The system distributes energy between neighbors based on real- and historical time information and operates with the same low temperature as the surrounding environment. Thanks to its modular set up, ectogrid™ offers flexible schemes both technically and financially so it can be easily adopted to desired project development phases.

To learn more about the technology visit our website

Ecovat is a scale-up from the Netherlands with an innovation energy storage solution, namely the Ecovat. The Ecovat is a thermal energy storage system for large scale district heating systems. It is a big, well insulated, storage tank for storing heat (and cold) for 1,000 to 40,000 households per tank. The tank is filled with water and can be heated up to 95 degrees Celsius (203 F). District heating systems need storage to match the supply of (renewable) energy and the heat demand. Storage can also be used to optimize production capacity and grid capacity. The heat is stored efficiently, with only 10% loss of heat over six months. The tank can be built completely underground and near buildings. There is no visual impact and public space in the city can still be used, for example for parking or a park.

Ekolution is an innovative BuildTech company that focuses on the implementation and development of fossil-free building technology and with our renewable bio-composite materials we offer carbon-negative, energy-efficient and non-toxic buildings.Ekolution’s unique position in the market in Sweden is right at the time when we are challenging the construction industry with products such as building insulation of hemp fiber insulation and our prefabricated system of hemp lime panels.

Environmental awareness and a healthy liver are something that permeates our everyday lives. Ecolution therefore strives for a positive environmental impact and a goal higher than zero-carbon footprint. We want to offer our customers environmentally friendly, healthy, energy-efficient design solutions and drive sustainable urban development.

The current solar energy market is ruled by the standard glass solar panels. These solar panels are great for certain purposes but they are not perfect. HyET Solar has developed a new kind of solar module that is extremely light weight, fully flexible and has a lower LCOE than glass solar panels. HyET Solar Powerfoil has a significant performance advantage in high temperatures and works even better in tropical climates. The company is currently expanding its production capacity in The Netherlands and is looking expand its business to the US.