Presenting Cleantech Companies 2020 / Introductions

Soil Scout is a finish company that enables land use related water and energy optimization by providing the only wireless sensors capable of transmitting moisture, temperature and salinity data in near real-time out-of-sight performance from up to 2 metres / 6 feet below the surface, for up to 20 years, maintenance free.

BoFood is a Swedish food company dedicated to developing tasty and convenient plant-based food products. Through the Green Dairy they  are pioneers in liquid plant-based food production, which help consumers to eat more sustainably.

Innoscentia is a swedish company that produces a cheap bacteria sensor, which digitally signalizes when spoilage of food is detected. This enables for producers, retailers and consumers to evaluate a given product’s life cycle (shelf life) more accurately.

Fresh.Land is a danish company currently disrupting the food industry by shortening and digitizing the food supply chain.

They developed a digital platform that allows consumers to buy directly from farmers, providing easy access to good quality food.

Natufia is an Estonian company specialized in manufacturing of high technology hydroponic equipment specially designed for chefs who care for original taste, traceability, pesticide-free products, GMOs, and environmental responsibility.

It allows the consumer to conveniently produce their own vegetables.