Presenting Cleantech Companies 2020 / Introductions


Ankeri provides a cloud-based software platform for ship owners and charterers to manage and share ship data and collaborate for improved performance.

Applied Autonomy

Applied Authonomy delivers cloud-based technology for connected and autonomous vehicles and share vital data about road conditions, weather, detours, traffic and other factors that could affect a fleet’s efficiency and performance. This technology can also be used by cities to implement dynamic road pricing, thus incentivising sustainable travel practises such as ride-sharing and public transportation.

Biofiber Tech

Biofiber Tech has an unique and scalable technology to modify wood fibers to make them become more “plastic like”. Through this, Biofiber Tech is enabling the pulp & paper industry to produce a new commodity that can be sold to plastic compounders to replace fossil based plastics.


Biotrino produces Blonde Chlorella – a yellow microalgae packed with nutrients that can be used as a tasty protein source, and to replace eggs. On top of this, microalgae production is among the most sustainable forms of food production known.


Celcibus AB develops solutions for sustainable energy systems, where the initial products are fuel cell components based on a unique and patented catalyst. This catalyst is free from platinum group metals for low cost and reduced environmental impact.


CemGreen ApS provides substitution materials to the cement industry, which leaves a smaller carbon footprint than traditional materials. It has a new patented technology whereby shale a waste product from limestone mining can be utilized as supplementary cementitious material (SCM) with a substitution rate of up to 30% without compromising the final product.


Chromologics has developed a fungal platform for the production of natural colorants in a more sustainable way. they combine cell factory design with process technology to revolutionize the way food colorants are produced -away from agriculture and farming towards scalable biotech processes.


Collo created liquid process performance solution. Innovative, real-time liquid fingerprint analytics technology enables industrial customers to increase their productivity, minimize use of energy and use of materials, decrease waste and increase quality of their liquid processes.

The Train Brain

The Train Brain offers decision support and delay forecasting to train and bus operators as well as to public transport authorities. The plug & play AI solution uses vehicle positioning data to provide early warnings to traffic control, second opinions on timetables and more actionable traffic info to customers.


Ensavetec upgrades shower floor drain to Smart Floor Drain and energy efficiency product. It works just like a normal floor drain, but a Smart Floor Drain saves energy every single shower. A Smart Floor Drain is as easy to install as a normal floor drain.

Gelatex Technologies

Gelatex develops an eco-friendly scalable leather-like textile for fashion and interior design. The material is made of nanofibers of gelatine by upcycling meat industry by-products. Gelatex is 100% non-toxic, comes in rolls and is easily mass- producible using zero-waste patent-pending technology.

Geyser Batteries

Geyser Batteries develops and manufactures a new class of high-power, water-based, non-lithium batteries, which are capable of over one million of fast charging cycles. Thanks to the use of aqueous electrolytes and novel proprietary electrochemistry, Geyser Batteries’ products have nearly-zero carbon footprint, are completely safe and competitively priced.

Laava Tech

Laava Tech develops technology to decrease lighting energy consumption in indoor farming by up to 90%. Our proprietary tech is a combination of software and hardware and enables significant energy and cost savings for indoor farmers.


Mimbly creates sustainable laundry solutions. Their first product “the Mimbox” is an add-on solution for washing machines that recycles water, saves energy and filters out microplastics that are released from synthetic textiles.


MOPRIM creates mobility behaviour data and insights covering all modes of transport with the help of proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms. They offer data on Mobility Footprint, multi-modal travel chains, carbon footprint and user’s mobility profile. With MOPRIM data, mobility services can be improved and personalized thus enabling behavioural change in cities.


Mycorena has created Promyc, a vegan protein ingredient with high-quality and low climate impact. Using an innovative fungi-based process, they create protein sources using side- streams and by-products from the food industry. With their process and their product – they enable food companies to create novel and sustainable food products, creating value from their own industrial food loss.

N2 Applied

N2 Applied AS has developed a solution that enables farmers to produce their own nitrogen, keeping the nutrients in the farm-cycle and stopping emissions of greenhouses gases and air pollution. The solutions only use air, electricity and manure/biogas digestate.

Oisann Engineering

Oisann Engineering developed a scalable Water fountain, offshore desalination system that can inexpensively help solve the water crisis; without creating an environmental crisis.

Plant Jammer

Plant Jammer’s technology empowers 250.000 homes to cook more sustainably: Making it easy to stop food waste and eat more veggies. The Plant Jammer app is a ‘chef in your pocket’ that gives users superpowers in the kitchen. With Plant Jammer’s connection to a food waste marketplace, they create a new connected food system that reduces waste across the food chain.


SweGaN manufactures high quality, custom-made materials and epitaxial wafers based on the unique epitaxial growth technology for manufacturers of leading components and devices for satellite, communications and defense organizations as well as world-leading manufacturers of power electronics used in electric vehicles, solar inverters and more. The performance of QuanFINE® technology and quality materials delivers high power, high frequency devices to create future-oriented solutions.


Swestep offers a patented technology, a catalytic conversion process that recycles hydrocarbon-based residues, as ex. biomass, plastics and tires into renewable fuels and other oil-based products.


Univrses has developed 3DAI™ City – a Smart City product that solves the need for timely, relevant and actionable data about the urban environment. Smartphones are deployed on public vehicles such as buses and taxis. Images from the smartphone camera are processed in real-time at the “edge” to extract data and yield insights.


WePower green energy procurement and trading platform standardised green energy procurement allowing any company, no matter the size, to purchase green energy directly from renewable energy producers.

Wimao Ltd

Wimao develops and commercializes the recycling technology for turning mixed plastic waste and other hard to recycle waste materials into ecological composite products.