Presenting Cleantech Companies 2020 / Introductions

The VisBlue Battery is an energy storage solution built around a unique vanadium redox flow battery. It has a lifespan of 20+ years and enables a higher utilisation rate of energy generated from your renewable energy sources and store it for use around the clock.

The patented invention is refined and scalable, making it usable in a variety of different contexts, e.g. industry, housing associations/apartment complexes, and grid stabilization.

Fusebox integrates consumers and energy systems to enable better integration of renewables and reduce CO2. It reduces customer’s consumption during the deficit in the energy system and increase it when excess energy is available.

Therefore, their customers contribute to greener society and earn revenue without interrupting their core activities.

Fourdeg is a Service company for heating optimization. Service improves indoor comfort and saves in heating costs. It is controlled by WiFi -thermostats connected to the cloud service via Internet.

It works automatically at room-level accuracy in any size of old and new building with water-circulating radiators, including commercial, public and residential premises.

InventiAir has developed a unique ventilation method which utilizes man’s natural inherent thermic to ventilate. It concentrates the air to the places where ventilation is most needed – around the people in the room – and result in high energy savings (25–50%) and a better indoor climate.

Their solutions are supplied to more than 750 reference projects in Sweden, Norway, Germany and Switzerland.

R8 Technologies work can tackle global HVAC emissions caused by commercial properties, making them smarter and more sustainable.

Using the R8 Digital Operator, a web-based software add-on for Building Automation System (BAS), a series of mathematical algorithms, calculated 4 times an hour to find the most efficient way to adjust your building HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) systems so that all the rooms are heated, cooled and ventilated at the right time, in the right amount. The solution is focused on decreasing energy consumption in commercial properties whilst keeping an outstanding indoor climate for every room and area simultaneously adding significant savings for both the building owners and managers.