Presenting Cleantech Companies 2020 / Introductions

Elcogen is a manufacturer of ceramic anode-supported, low temperature solid oxide fuel cells. Their proprietary cells and stacks deliver market-leading electrical efficiency and are positioned to achieve market-enabling lifetime and cost levels.

To date, Elcogen have commercialized two product generations and have sold our technology to 60+ industry-leading customers globally. Elcogen’s 15 years of SOFC R&D are protected by several patent families, which cover the design and manufacturing of our cells and stacks.

Hymeth’s core technology is to combine hydrogen and methane, creating no pollution when producing hydrogen if sourced from renewables such as wind and solar. Hydrogen is an energy carrier for storing renewable electricity and transportation such as fuel cell electrical vehicle using technology that is sustainable and environmentally friendly unlike cobalt based battery technologies that are found in electrical cars on the market today.

Hydrogen also has huge potential in many industrial applications such as the steel industry to name just one. The electrolyzer to produce hydrogen is called Hyaeon™, is patent pending, and Hyaeon™ is currently in production. The first sale of Hyaeon™ marked a milestone for Hymeth and the product will be delivered to a Swedish customer in 2019. Hymeth is a privately-owned company located in the Copenhagen area of Denmark.

Liquid Wind facilities will produce eMethanol, a liquid, carbon neutral fuel. Made from carbon dioxide and renewable electricity, the fuel can be produced at scale to meet the growing demand for fossil-free alternatives.

Converting electricity into liquid energy makes it easier to store and use. Advancing the electrification of mobility and industry to reduce carbon emissions.

Power-Up Tech develops and produces high-quality and sustainable energy generation products and custom energy solutions. With more than 15 years of experience with fuel cell technology, PowerUP is an innovator in the fuel cell technology market. We are deeply focused in making the hydrogen of tomorrow the reality of today. UP® generators are here to make your life easier and cleaner. Forget pollution, maintenance, and the smell of diesel, it’s time to use modern technologies.

Skeleton Technologies provides ultracapacitor energy storage in automotive, transportation, grid and industrial applications: from leading Tier One automotive firms and industrial equipment OEMs to truck fleet operators and aerospace prime contractors – to decrease CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, to improve power quality and protect equipment and infrastructure from power peaks, and to power electrification to fight climate change.

Skeleton’s ultracapacitors, based on patented “curved graphene”, provides significant advantage in power and energy density.

From its foundation in 2009, the company has grown from 4 to more than 140 people and raised more than 90 million EUR.

Soletair Power delivers solutions for capturing CO2 in air supplied to building ventilation. The same adsorption and regeneration principle is used in our system to capture carbon dioxide but the dimension is compact.

The captured CO2 is integrated to an electrolyser and synthesis unit where it gets converted to fuels or other hydrocarbons.